Friday 11 May 2012

Introducing....celiac disease!

That is right folks I have celiac disease to add to my list.  In a way I am relieved.  For quite some time I have been suffering terribly with stomach issues, very unpleasant, run to the bathroom, bloat to the point of looking pregnant issues.  Initially I brushed it off as some sort of bug, but it persisted and only got worse.  I had read up on celiac disease and knew that it was common for Type 1 diabetics to suffer with this as well.  The more I read the more dread I felt.  Every symptom matched mine, every gross and gut twisting symptom.  Because I am super stubborn I did not go to the doctor right away.  Instead I did my own test by cutting all foods with gluten in them out for one week.  After two days of eating gluten free I started to feel much better.  I was not bloated at all, my stomach was not rumbling and I no longer had to live in the bathroom.  Even my skin started to look better (have been having skin issues since taking neurontin).  I finally went to see my doctor and spoke with her about it.  She said that from all I was saying all arrows pointed to celiac.  She looked at my last blood results and sent me for a bunch more.  I had to eat gluten rich foods for the three days prior to the test and for three days was miserable!  Now I am off them again and starting to feel good again.  At first I was very upset - the last 8 months have been super overwhelming and I feel like I have been hit constantly with bad news.  I am still coming to terms with the diabetes diagnosis and now this.  I know that eating is going to be a bit more complicated as I have to watch my carb intake as well.  I have been reading other blogs with people who suffer with Type 1 and celiac and know I can do this.  It will take a lot more preparing on my part, but I think I am up to the challenge.  Today I feel positive about it as I just want to feel better and be able to do my exercise (particularly runs) without worrying if I am going to crap myself :)  Any tips from other Type 1's and celiacs?  Any special recipes you love?

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