Friday 18 May 2012

D-Blog Week: Day 5 - What They Should Know

I think I could think of about a hundred things I wish people knew about this disease.  I am fairly newly diagnosed (8 months ago) and I am amazed at the comments I get from people, people I know and a lot that I don't.  I really want to learn as much as I can about diabetes so that I can educate others as well.  My list of top things I wish people knew:

1.  I did not get diabetes from eating too much sugar. 

2.  No I cannot be cured from exercising and eating well.  If that was the case I would not have even gotten it as I have always exercised and eaten well.

3.  Without my insulin I would die, plain fact.

4.  Yes I can eat what I like, however I need to know how much insulin I need to take to cover it.  Please don't look at me disapprovingly when I reach for anything other than broccoli. Oh, and I cannot eat that bread or pasta because I also have celiac disease.

5.  It is not just a matter of a few needles a day and off you go.  It is a very fine balancing act and requires a lot of attention.

6.  There are two Types of diabetes, Type 1 being very different from Type 2.

7.  Yes I do think it is okay to test my blood sugars and inject insulin in public.  I don't expect you to eat in the bathroom so why should I take care of my disease like I am ashamed of it.

8.  Exercising with diabetes is a very fine balancing act and is frustrating beyond belief.

9.  No you cannot catch diabetes from being around me (someone I work with actually asked me that).

10.  Having diabetes is just goddamn hard.  It is a full-time job and you never get a break.  It can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient.  Having low blood sugars can be very scary and until you experience one you cannot really understand how it feels. Having high blood sugars makes you feel sick and also like you are failing yourself.  It is emotionally difficult as well as physically difficult.  It really, really sucks.

Today's picture is one of my boyfriend and I on vacation last year.  He is truly amazing and makes me smile everyday!

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  1. Hey. Good post. Sounds almost the same as my post on this topic A lot of your experiences are the same as mine. Especially the nerve pain in the feet. My endo called in insulin neuritis.

    You weren't by chance at the Metabolic Centre clinic for type 1's at the U of A in October were you? I think my wife and I sat beside you the second day.