Tuesday 22 May 2012

D-Blog Week: Day 7 - Diabetes Hero

I do have a diabetes hero - it was an easy question to answer.  He does not have the disease but has been my strength and support since I was diagnosed nearly 9 months ago.  He is my boyfriend Ryan.  We had been dating for over a year when I was diagnosed.  He was the first person I went to when I left my doctors office in shock and held me close as I broke down.  He took me to the emergency room, stayed with me while they hooked me up to all kinds of machines, brought me some food when I was starving and they would not let me eat (bad on my part, but I was hungry!!).  He went to my house and brought me everything I needed for my hospital stay and more.  He took care of my two dogs and visited me everyday.  When I was discharged he stayed with me at my place and made sure I was okay. He attended my diabetes education classes with me.  When I was unable to drive because of my eyes and then my feet, he drove me everywhere I needed to go - endless appointments!  When I had to have eye surgery he took me and was there when I came out of recovery.  When the nerve pain in my feet and legs got to the point where I could hardly walk he stayed by my side and let me lean on him.  He has brought me juice and held my hand during my lows.  Since diagnosis he has dried many, many tears and made me laugh when I was sure I would not laugh again.  He encouraged me to learn everything I can and to get back to the sports I love once I was able.  He pushes me when needed but never nags.  He has been there every step of the way and has not blinked an eye.  I don't know how I can ever thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do.  He truly is my diabetes hero!

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