Thursday 17 May 2012

D-Blog Week: Day 4 - Fantasy Device

I love this topic!  I can think of a ton of cool diabetes gadgets I would like, most of them involving sweet stuff like lasers and mind reading capabilities.  Of course my dream gadget would be a working pancreas, but alas it is not to be.  

The most realistic fantasy device I would like to see is something that can read the carbs in your food automatically.  I am thinking that it would be an app that could be downloaded on your phone, or maybe is incorporated in your meter or pump.  Basically you would have the food in front of you, whether it be a meal or something at the store, and with a quick scan, information would immediately be given to you on the carb content.  Kind of like when you go to the self checkout at the grocery store and scan your items...only much smaller and no noise (and way cooler!).  I would love not to have to read every label, do research on the carb content of foods when eating out and it would make cooking things like soup at home much easier.  One swipe and it would automatically let you know the carbs and away you go.  Could help to avoid the highs and lows when trying to guestimate!

Today's picture is one that my brother photoshopped of my head on Usain's Bolt's body.  And he put it in my office Christmas Party slideshow!  Makes me giggle everytime I see it.

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  1. Hay, I like your post. And your picture is also new and good. I am looking forward for more post to find out the best fantasy device for diabetes.