Friday, 15 May 2015

D-Blog Week Day 5: Foods on Friday

Today we are to talk about food and share either what we ate in the last couple of days, a recipe or meal idea.  I decided to share my go to meal after a hard workout session.  I crave this after a good, long sweaty workout and rarely deviate.  It is simple but delicious.

2 eggs & 1 egg white, whisked
1/4 cup cheese (I like feta)
chopped onion
chopped pepper
chopped zucchini

Grill up the veggies, except for the spinach, together.  Add in egg mixture.  Add Spinach once half way cooked.  I like to cook mine so there is absolutely no goo left (gross).  Throw salsa on top and voila - delicious!

I will usually have this with an apple and some almonds.  Satisfying and tasty!


  1. this made me miss eggs even more than i already did. And cheese.

    sounds amazing!

  2. Yumm! that sounds amazing. I'm going to have to make it sometime