Monday 20 May 2013

D-Blog Week: Day 6 - Diabetes Art


Do I need a snack?                                          Do I have enough glucose tabs with me?

Where’s the juice?         Is that bolus worthy?                        I have to pee again, am I high?   
How many carbs are in that?                                          Is that person staring at me testing?

How much should I decrease my basal for my run/bike/swim?  For how long?

What was the last thing I ate?             Am I talking funny?                Did I remember all my vitamins?

Do my feet hurt/tingle/burn?        Do I have enough pump supplies at home?

 What’s my blood sugar?                                                              Do I have enough insulin in the fridge?

Am I hungry or low?                                       Why am I high?  Why am I low?

Is my vision ok?                                                                Is that person staring at my pump?

        My head hurts. Am I high? Am I low?  Is it just a headache?        

Is the time on my pump right?                                                Do I have my back up pump supplies with me?

Is that adrenaline/anxiety/nervousness?  Or am I low?                  Is the time on my meter right?

Why am I so grumpy? Am I low, high or just grumpy?             What finger did I prick last?

Ouch that hurt!                                 Where should I put my next infusion site?

    How many test strips do I have left?      Did I submit my claim to the insurance company?

                                Will I make it through the night?        I am sweaty. Am I low?

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