Monday 6 May 2013

April 2013 Training Wrap Up

Better late than never posting the numbers!  April was a pretty solid month training wise, I got more running in which I am happy about however no where near as many swims as I would like.  I was sick for three days and also had a lovely long weekend away with Ryan where we did do a hike but most time was spent relaxing and eating lovely food.  Here are the numbers:

Hours of training = 35ish hours
Spin x 19 = 247.6 km's
Run x 11 = 124.6 km's
Swim x 3 = 7,500m
Weights/tabata/kinesis/kickboxing/core= 9 hours
Rest days =5
Sick days = 3

Now that the weather is getting very nice I am going to start adding in more running and less inside stuff.  I am loving my biking and am hoping to add a real road bike to my life sooner rather than later. All in all very happy with my progress to date!


  1. Wow! That is a LOT of time on the bike - I'm impressed. I am getting 12 trainer/outdoor rides a month now and that seems like a lot.

    Oh, and I'm super jealous that you are able to get out and run so much. Such a nice time of year for it.

    When it comes to swim though - I totally have you beat :)

  2. Yes you definitely have my butt kicked when it comes to the swim :)