Wednesday 22 August 2012

Totally Pumped for my Pump!

Cheesy title I know, but it is exactly how I feel right now.  I am officially going to be pumping insulin by the end of October!  

I knew as soon as I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes that I would eventually want to go onto pump therapy.  Not only will it mean not having to stab myself with needles four to six times per day, it means that I will have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to my eating schedule and exercise regime.  On injections it has been very frustrating for me to return to the level of activity that I want to.  I find that after running for about 10km my blood sugars tank.  I know that I can eat carbs to help stop this, but who wants to mow through carbs for a run less than an hour?  Also I have found that I have to eat on schedule otherwise my sugars either crash or fly sky high.  Being on a pump will mean I can eat when it works for me, accurately dose for the carbs I eat and also I will be able to get back to long distance running and hopefully (if I get a bike), triathlons.  I know that being on the insulin pump won't take away the lows and highs, I know it will be just as much work (if not more) than daily injections, but it is going to be so worth it!!

I debated for some time over which pump would suit me best.  It was between Medtronic and Animas.  After doing a lot of research and consulting with each pump company I have decided to go with Animas.  The remote bolus ability and the fact that it is waterproof are what made me decide to go with the One Touch Ping.  I love that the pump will be able to tell me if I have insulin on board already to avoid stacking insulin and that I can adjust the basal rate depending on my planned activity.  I really love the thought of not using needles all of the time!  Sometimes my stomach and legs look like connect the dots with all the little bruises.  I was very impressed that both companies offer payment plans with no interest.  My family generously gifted me the down payment and then I have 30 months of payments to make.  This has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders and given me the ability to go ahead with it all.

I have to admit that I am very nervous.  It is going to be a huge learning curve and it will be strange to have a device attached to me all of the time.  I have about a bazillion questions and am sure that I will drive my diabetic educators, Animas rep and friends that have experience with pumps nuts.  I will get the pump during the first week of October and then attend the Grey Nuns on October 25 for my pre-pump training.  They will then send me home with the pump and saline solution so I can practice all of the features.  I will then return on October 30 and start pumping real insulin.  Only two months and eight days of injections to go :) 

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