Monday 4 June 2012


I was thinking over the weekend of all the changes I have noticed since being diagnosed.  I did not realize how sick I was, or looked, before I was diagnosed.  Looking back at some photos from my summer holiday last year I was taken aback by how ill I looked.  I was so thin and washed out looking.  My arms and legs, which used to be muscular, were so thin, like twigs.  All of my clothes looked like they were hanging off of me.  My hair was dull and my eyes did not shine.  Not only did I feel exhausted, I looked it as well!  I remember early last year being in the bath and looking at my toes and noticing I had no hair on them anymore.  At the time I thought this was just lucky!  In the nine months since I was diagnosed I have drastically changed.  I have regained the weight I lost (with some extra due to the neurontin - working on that), I have colour in my face and my hair is shiny.  My eyes look healthy again and I have back the curves I lost.  I am slowly toning and regaining my muscles due to exercising again and yes, the hair on my toes came back!

Not only have my looks changed, but the way I feel inside has changed.  I have a ton of energy again and no longer have a need to sleep 12 hours a day.  When I exercise I do it because I want to and enjoy it, not because I feel I should.  I feel motivated at work again and in other aspects of my life.  Doing chores around the house is no longer the huge pain it was, I just get things done.  I feel happy and upbeat!  So many people have commented on how great it is to have the old Jocelyn back.  Once again I feel the fire and desire to love life once again :)

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