Monday 10 September 2012

Packing for my Holiday

I am so excited to leave on holiday tomorrow.  Seriously excited!!  It is going to be a dream trip.  We fly into San Fransisco, drive to South Lake Tahoe to spend a couple of days, drive to Napa Valley to spend a couple of days and then into San Fransisco for four days.  We have a ton of stuff planned and it is going to be a fun filled vacation.  I will post more on our return to regale you of our travels. 

Now packing for a vacation can be time consuming.  Particularly one like this where will be doing anything from hiking to fine dining.  Fancy dress with shoes for one day, shorts and tank top with windbreaker for the next.  I sat down the other evening to make my list to make sure I don't forget anything.  It really struck me how much extra stuff I have to pack now that I have Type 1 diabetes.  From all the reading I have done they advise to bring extra just in case, all of this amounts to quite the haul!  Just to give you an idea of what I will be packing to manage my disease.

Lantus insulin pens x 2
Novo-rapid insulin pen refills x 2
Little ice pack to keep all the insulin cold
200 test strips
Needles x 60
Lancet needles x 20 (no I don't change them every time I check, bad me)
Extra insulin pen
Glucose tabs
Glucagon shot
Letter from my doctor confirming that I must carry all of the above on me
Medical ID for my wallet
Medical ID for my wrist

I think this sums it up.  And this must all go in my carry on. Good thing the only other thing I bring on board is a book and my Iphone. I have only flown once so far with all of this stuff and I was extremely nervous about the whole thing.  I was pleasantly surprised that the staff seemed knowledgeable about Type 1 diabetes and even though they searched through everything they did not blink an eye.  It will be interesting the first time I fly with an insulin pump on!

Well that is about all!  Off to sunny California we go :)  This is how I fee right now:



  1. Sounds like when I travel! Drives me nuts that I have to bring so much extra. I used to be such a low maintenance packer lol. Enjoy your trip!!


  2. I really love that picture!
    happy travels!