Sunday 8 July 2012

Heat and blood sugars

The last couple of days have been hot here in Alberta.  I mean hot!  Yesterday got up to 29 and today hit 32 (not sure what the humidex has been), tomorrow is going to be 33.  This may not sound super hot for a lot of people, but for us here in Edmonton that is hot.  I have had a cold and at first was sure that was the reason my blood sugars have been running higher than normal.  Not super high, but higher than they usually do.  I have been eating less due to not feeling well, however have found that I have had to adjust my insulin to carb ratio quite significantly.  Usually my ration is 1:10 for breakfast and then 1:15 for the rest of the day.  The last couple of days during this heat wave I have had to adjust it to 1:10 for every meal and even then have had to make some adjustments through the day (which I really do not enjoy as that just means more injections).  After doing some reading on the net, I have found that a lot of Type 1's find that their blood sugars run higher during spells of hot weather.  I take comfort in this as I hate to see high numbers.  As I have said before (and will be the topic of another post), the numbers on that meter really can make you feel great or extremely disappointed in yourself.  I am hesitant to bolus too much of a correction as this has been known to bite me in the ass in the middle of the night.  I will just continue with my adjusted carb ratio, keep cool and not get to down on the numbers.

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