Monday 16 December 2013

November 2013 Training Wrap Up

Well better late than never! Not sure where this month has gone.  Work and life in general has been very busy.  We are in the depths of winter and the majority of my training has been inside unfortunately.  I do usually run outside however have my limits as to how cold I will go out in.  I have gotten a lot of time in on the bike (spin and little J in my living room) and quite a lot of strength training.  I actually have hired a personal trainer to work with me twice a week to work on strength and core.  I have noticed that the stronger I am getting the better I perform on the bike and run.  I want to see how some structured strength/core will help in the upcoming race season.  

Here are the numbers: 

Hours of training = 49.7 hours
Bike (including Spin) x 13 = 363.7 km's
Run x 9 = 94 km's
Swim x 2 = 5,000 m
Weights/tabata/core= 17 hours 45 minutes
Rest days =5

December has been great so far and I am enjoying being able to do what I can.  I am itching to get out snowboarding soon!  Also, Ryan and I booked a trip to Mexico in February.  I can hardly wait for some sun, sand and relaxation :)

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