Thursday 7 November 2013

October 2013 Training Wrap Up

Hard to believe that we are already into November.  Snow is on the ground and it is getting chilly at night.  Winter is truly upon us.  We definitely lucked out and had a lovely long fall.  In fact I rode my road bike outside right up until the last weekend in October.  This makes me happy.  October was a solid month for me training wise.  I did attend some physio for the pain I was experiencing through the right side of my butt/leg.  They determined that I have a very tight IT band and need to work on building strength in my hips.  The physio said that is is very common in endurance athletes to neglect focusing on their hips as most would just think that your hips would strengthen with all of the running, biking and swimming. Turns out this is not the case.  I have a series of hip exercises to perform each day as well as instructions to use my foam roller more often and to stretch more diligently.  I went to four sessions and they also did some IMS and needling.  The IMS felt great, the needling hurt like a you know what.  I am feeling much better and my running is feeling good.
Now for the numbers:
Hours of training = 47.5 hours
Bike (including Spin) x 12 = 316 km's
Run x 12 = 109.6 km's
Swim x 4 = 8,700 m
Weights/tabata/core= 13 hours 30 minutes
Rest days =4

November has been off to a roaring start and I have been going to spin class and running outside in the snow and ice.  I really don't mind running in the cold so this is not bothering me too much.  Not a huge fan of ice, but not much we can do about it in this province.  Just need to be careful.  A girl I know was getting rid of her bike trainer as she switched from road biking to mountain biking a couple of years ago.  All she wanted was a bottle of wine and a donation to an animal charity.  Done.  I will be setting it up this Saturday and giving it a whirl.  As much as I do enjoy spin class, I love my bike and want to be able to do longer rides through the winter.  I don't want to leave my bike collecting dust until May when the snow melts.  She may get lonely :)

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