Thursday 4 July 2013

June 2013 Training Wrap Up

Hard to believe that we are already six months through this year!  I had been signed up to run leg two of the Kananaskis 100 mile relay which would have been my first race race in nearly two years.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to all of the flooding in Southern Alberta.  I was disappointed as I really wanted to get my first race under my belt since being diagnosed, however of course totally understand and am devastated by the damage done to our beautiful province.

Despite all of the rain I managed to get some decent training in and am overall very happy with my progression.  I have been out on my new road bike and love it!  Learning to clip in and out is a whole new world for me and I have tumbled a couple of times, nothing major.  I can tell that all of the time I have spent on the spin bike has paid off as I feel strong on the bike.  My running continues to go well and my speed is slowly picking up. After my summer vacation (yay!) I shall start to incorporate some speed intervals and hill training into my routine.
Now for the numbers:
Hours of training = 37.8 hours
Bike (including Spin) x 10 = 325.8 km's
Run x 11 = 120.6 km's
Swim x 4 = 9,250m
Weights/tabata/core= 8 hours 45 minutes
Rest days =6

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