Friday 19 April 2013

Random Things

List of random things that go through my head on a regular basis, a lot of which are diabetes related:
  • carb counting and dosing insulin is harder than it sounds.
  • please don't offer me sugar free candy.  It tastes gross, still has lots of carbs in it and makes my stomach hurt.
  • why won't winter ever end?
  • I want to go for a run/bike/swim, should I set a temp basal?  If so, for how long and by how much?
  • I can't believe radio stations are still playing Nickelback.
  • is that snack bolus worthy?
  • I need coffee stat.
  • if I push snooze once more will I make it to work on time?
  • did I remember to pack my glucose meter? 
  • should I bother drying my hair or just sleep a bit longer and wear it back? (usually wear it back).
  • I really should clean the upstairs bathroom more.
  • I wonder how my organs are fairing after over a year and a half of diabetes?
  • Man my infusion site is itchy.  
  • do I have enough insulin/strips/pump supplies at home?
  • when do I get paid next?
  • why are the Kardashian's famous? I mean really people.
  • what should I have for supper.
  • did I leave the patio door open this morning when I let the dogs out?
  • is it bedtime yet?
  • what blog post should I actually finish?

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