Friday 1 March 2013

February 2013 Training Wrap-Up

Hard to believe that another month has gone by!  The month of February was a great month for me training wise.  I got a bit more running and swimming in and also managed some quality time (for me) on the bike.  I have increased my resistance during spinning and am starting to feel the results.  My legs are getting much stronger and my running form and speed is improving.  I have actually enjoyed the strength work I have been doing. As a bonus I have dropped 3 pounds and don't have much more to go now to get to my ideal weight.

Hours of training = 36.5 hours
Spin x 12 = 250.5 km's
Run x 6 = 76.3 km's
Swim x 3 = 8,250m
Row x 6 = 18.3 km's
Weights/tabbatta/kinesis/kickboxing/core= 10.5 hours
Rest days = 4

The month of March started off well today with a 10.9km run.  I hope to get more running in now that the weather is starting to turn while still getting good mileage on the bike and in the pool.  I am almost done my kinesis class and to be honest won't be sad when it is over.  The class has too many people in it therefore we end up doing more cardio than strength and strength is the reason I signed up in the first place. 

I also registered for Melissa's in September in Banff.  I am doing the 22km race and am excited already!  This is one of my favorite races to do.  I hope to get a half marathon under my belt before then.  Looking back to where I was this time last year I have come a long way and could not be more pleased!

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